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ICAO examination refresh course

firemní výukaICAO examination is compulsory for each pilot flying abroad (except Slovakia).
Pilots are required to pass at least ICAO level 4, which is valid for 4 years, ICAO level 5 is valid for 6 years.
ICAO level 6 has a permanent validity.          

We will help you pass ICAO Language Proficiency examination successfully.

In our refresh course we will deal with the following topics:
ICAO alphabet, parts of the aircraft, airside vehicles, meteorology, description of control panel, marshalling signals, listening to ATC recordings, non-standard in-flight situations, ATIS reports, ground movements, potential hazards, etc.

Furthermore, we will help you prepare for both general and aviation part of the oral examination. 


firemní výuka

Duration: 3 lessons per 55 minutes
Price: 2 900 CZK including VAT (2 397 CZK excluding VAT)

Contact us: Miloš Nouzovský, 775 600 780, info@lingva.cz